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Healthy Juices

People, especially women, wanting to lose some extra weight are usually readyto try anything. Juices can be a very efficient diet forweight loss and could also benefit your health. Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables will provide manyminerals and vitamins to the normal function of the body and maintaining thegood health. Fresh fruits and vegetable juices cool, refresh and energize thedrinker.

Juices for Weight Loss

Every nutritionist will advise you to drink as many juicesas you can, preferably vegetable juices, in order to lose some weight. They will assist the detoxificationand make you lose the fat. Before the meal, take a glass of vegetable juice. Itmight be a parsley or carrot juice, known to decrease the appetite and preventhunger later on the day.

You might want to try green vegetables juices. Spinach,cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, and cucumber are great for the detoxtreatment and weight loss. They have even more positive effects: they are richin vitamins, enzymes and minerals and work as diuretics, so you will losemore of that excess water from your body.

If you want to quickly lose some pounds, drink vegetablejuices instead of eating high calorie food. The juices can provide all the needednutrients for the body, but with fewer calories. Add some of your favoritespices to juices and heat up the fat burning. Some of the most used spices aregarlic, chili, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper and onion powder.

Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

“A taste of heaven” is the juice made of 2 carrots, 2apples, one sweet potato and a pinch of dulse powder. Put all ingredients inthe blender and blend until smooth. A thin slice of Spanish onion could decorate the drink.

“Calcium drink” is prepared with 2 carrots, an apple, ½ of alemon and a ½ of a cup of fresh broccoli. Blend the ingredients and decoratewith some fresh parsley.

“Flying orange” – use 3 pink grapefruits, 2 pears and onesweet potato. Blend well in the blender and serve cold.

“Jogger’s paradise” can be made of 3 oranges, 2 pearsand 1 yam. Blend until smooth and serve. This juice is recommended especiallyfor runners who need endurance and strength, or for the aerobic exercise.

For “Papaya passion” take a red apple, a papaya and 5pitted dates. Blend all of the ingredients in the blender until smooth andserve immediately.

“Potassium juice” is made of 4 carrots, one celery stalk, ½ ofa lemon, handful of fresh parsley and handful of fresh spinach. Blend theingredients and the juice is ready to be served.

“Strawberry delight” is prepared with one banana, 5strawberries and 8 dates. Blend them all well and serve.

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