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When it comes to having a perfect body, a lot has to be donein order to reach that physical state. This includes regular exercising and controlledeating. Exercising is excellent because of increased rate of metabolism whichwill definitely burn more calories than usually. Also, increased physicalactivity has its own benefits that contribute a lot to the health of theorganism. Those are strengthened immune system, enhanced functioning of certainsystems in the organism, increased energy and libido, etc.


As for controlled eating, a lot can be said about it. Firstof all, if a person has obesity problems, it is obvious that some sort of diethas to be introduced. There are fast and slow diets. Fast dietsare strict and extreme, they do not allow but a tiny amount ofcarbs and fats, just barely enough for some normal functioning. This is whythese diets are not considered healthy options, although it is true that alot of weight can be lost with them. Also, there is a problem of what to do afterthis diet is over. Since they are not so healthy, the recommended period ofapplying this regime is not more than two weeks. When those two weeks ofrigorous rules are gone, people think that returning to old eating habits willnot create any problems. On the contrary, if that happens, the lost pounds willdefinitely return.

A balanced and healthy diet

The best possible thing that should be done is simply focused on controlling the quality and nutritional values of the food eaten. This means that only healthy food isallowed without any junk food or cakes, candies, sodas etc. A low calorie foodlist might help here. Logically, the majority of vegetables and fruits will be onthis list, along with low fat dairy products. Poultry and fish, especially tuna, should be on the list too. Actually, there is a simple chart called a pyramidchart, which explains to the detail what should be eaten and in what amounts. This pyramid (or triangle, as some call it), consists of three levels. The bottom level is the base andit is the widest level. Veggies and fruits are in this level, as well as foods that can be eaten a lot without any fear that large amount ofcalories will be taken in. Next level, a middle one, contains milk and meat, and these twoshould be as light as possible when it comes to fat percentage.

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