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Eating healthy – how hard can it be? This is a question that obese people ask themselves again and again, until they decide that asking andtalking will not help them much and then they actually do something about it. Weight lossprocess can be much easier if a person is using healthy menu and somenormal or slightly increased physical activity.

The truth

What does this mean? People have to understand that losingweight for good can happen only when a person learns to live healthy, and not onlyas long as the diet lasts, but later on, for as long as he or she lives. So,bad eating habits are gone, healthy food combining menus are used, there issome jogging and push-ups done and that is all which is needed, nothing more. Buthow to reach that stage, that unreachable heaven for all obese people?

It is true that there are very few people who are inexcellent shape, not only without excessive pounds, but also with some muscles,perfect six-pack abs and attractive figure. This is even beyond the mentioned heaven,and actually, it is not even important for an obese person. A person whostruggles with excessive weight should think about health only and later aboutbeauty and attractiveness (although many people start with weight reduction processbecause of this second reason).

The food

It is also true that weight reduction may be done with eatingonly, without much sweating and also without many restrictions. The biggestproblem for obese people is the amount of food allowed with diets. Usually, thisamount is miserably small when compared to what they are used to eat. With this inmind, it has to be mentioned that this is a crucial point – changing lifestyle.When this is achieved, the pounds will be lost easily after some period, but ifthat does not happen, or it happens only temporarily, weight will still be presentafter some time, and our obese person will be still unhealthy and unhappy.

There is a pyramid, a chart with all food types placed onseveral levels of that pyramid. Base level is the widest and here are placed allfood types that can be eaten in huge amounts. And of course, we are nottalking about pork; this is a place for fruits and veggies, best friends ofeach and every obese person. Next level includes healthy meat, fish, low fatdairy products, while the final level contains food that should not be used ever. This pyramid should be used to create all sorts of healthy meals that will satisfy a person when it comes to both taste and amount.

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