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When it comes to dealing with weight, people tend to forgetabout some simple things that might make their lives a lot easier and dietsused much more effective. The main problem is that people often choose someexotic diets, which might be problematic because of the rare foods that need tobe eaten and that is not necessary at all. Food in a diet should be as simpleas possible; the only thing to watch out for is to create a good sauce that willmake the food delicious and tasty.

Dieting and food types

When it comes to diets, there are two main groups of dietsthat can be used. First is a fast, fad diet, which is all about losing as muchas possible in the shortest time possible. Even though this might not be the healthiestway, it is very effective. This kind of diet should be followed by anotherdiet, a longer and less strict one, which should be a transition period beforedieting actually stops. Since people initially lose a lot of weight with fastdiet, they usually skip the transition phase and return to old habits, which arenot good at all. Sadly, this ends in returning of the lost pounds.

Better option is to use some normal, healthy eating. Healthymeans that no junk is allowed and all nutrients should be inserted with themeals. Nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. All that is needed issome minerals and vitamins and that is all. Ratio of the nutrients must go inthe favor of carbohydrates, followed by proteins, while fats are at the lastspot.

When it comes to food types, the easiest way is to use a pyramidchart. It usually has three levels, with the base being the widest. Basecontains many food types, including vegetables and fruits that can be eaten inhigh quantities. Next level includes meat, potatoes, fish, milk, dairy products– all those must be taken in moderate amounts. All that is left is the finallevel with fats that should be avoided as much as possible.


When it comes to fruits, those are great foods because theycan satisfy our hunger for something sweet and it is completely natural andhealthy. It is true that some fruits have more calories than allowed, but in ahealthy eating that is not really a problem. One of the more interesting fruit is grapefruit. Grapefruit nutrition facts tells us that all that is needed is a half of one grapefruit with each meal and about three and half pounds will belost in a matter of couple of weeks.

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