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Losing weight is one of the major health problems today and dealing with obesity induced founding of many institutions and organizations that promote methods for eliminating this problem. Every country and almost every city have some sort of local organization for dealing with obesity and problems that obesity causes. Nutrition Australia is one of such organizations that have been battling this problem with several methods. One is teaching the people of the importance of weight reduction, and once the wanted weight is reached, how to keep it at that level. Information is needed so that people can realize the importance of taking the proper nutrients in proper amounts. For dealing with weight, increasing physical activity and reducing the amount of food are the basic principles that should be applied.

Types of diets

When it comes to diet, if we want it to be healthy, it is all about the control. Controlling the intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is what needs to be done in order for a fat burning process to start. There are many, many diets, but what has to be kept in mind all the time is that simple reduction of food taken is not enough. Nutrients have to be taken, usually with reduced amounts of carbs and fats. There are even diets that emphasize the use of carbs while fats and proteins are reduced. When we talk about healthy eating, we must mention the pyramid menus, charts that are presenting how to eat healthy and what may and may not be eaten, as well as what amounts are allowed. This is also one of the missions that the mentioned organizations have, which means that they want to teach people about creating menus on a daily basis. So, there is also healthy pyramid Australia, which of course, is similar to other healthy pyramids.


The pyramid consists of several levels and each level has several food types. The base is the largest level and it contains many food types that can be eaten in large quantities, so there are veggies, fruits, nuts, cereals etc. Second layer includes healthy meat, fish, chicken, dairy products, etc. This is food that has to be taken because it contains nutrients we need, but the amount has to be controlled. The last level contains the food we should take the least, and those are fats and sugars.

Pyramid chart is a great and simple presentation of what should be the pathway to a healthy organism. Even though it might not be so easy to follow the rules of a pyramid, it is something that needs to be done.

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