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When looking for a healthy and safe diet, it is important to know several things. Creating a diet is not easy because a perfect balance has to be found. Simply making a diet with low calories value is not enough. It is pointless to create 1200 calories diet if a person exercises couple of times a week, no matter how intensive training is. Sure, pounds would be lost faster, but tiredness and exhaustion will occur and that is not the goal.


Each diet should provide enough energy for normal functioning and it still has to be low enough for losing weight process to start. Still, the difference in calories needed and spent should not be big, because that is the key for a healthy weight lost. It is a slow process, but organism is safe and everyday activities can be performed without any difficulties. Enough protein should be taken to prevent degradation of muscle fibers, and also enough carbohydrates because the brain uses only that specific nutrient.


Healthy pyramid diet is an interesting choice when someone is choosing a proper menu. Basically, it is a chart that shows what types of food can be eaten in large, medium and small quantities. Chart of a healthy pyramid diet is presented as a pyramid with several levels. Base level is the widest one, and it tells us that food in that group can be eaten as much as we want (well, up to a certain point). This group of food includes bread and grain products (it revolves around carbs). Second level is a bit narrower and its structure is made of fruits and veggies. Next level is all about proteins that can be taken via meat, eggs, dairy products. Last level should be avoided, with no excuses. On this level, we have fats, sweets, all those desired but unhealthy food types.

What does all this mean? Eating and living healthy requires a lot of strict rules and discipline. Recommendable thing to do is to set exact times for meals, the three big ones and three small ones, with exact times. That way it is impossible for a person on a diet to have problems with hunger, no matter how small meals are. Some people like sweet taste, and think that when on diet, juices are allowed, but that is not the case. Juices with artificial sweeteners might be used, but not much, since they are not so good for health (stomach particularly).

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