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Battle against overweight is the most common thing of today, especially among women, but men also are not spared. The best way to keep your body from overweight is to find the best diet.
Fortunately there are a lot of vegetables, fruits, liquids and other elements that help in digestion and also in weight loosing. These foods are using much more energy to be digested, than they leave in organism.
These foods are well known as foods with negative calorie. Of course, all of these foods are very delicious so nobody should worry about the taste.
List of negative calories foods
Let see which foods are most recommendable:
In the next line the list of food with negative calories will be presented, but despite all, everybody should check out with they own nutritionist if they actually can use all of those foods. Always there can be some intolerance on some substance from mentioned foods.
1. Apple
2. Apricots
3. Peaches
4. Pineapple
5. Papaya
6. Mango
7. Grapefruit
8. Lemon
9. Oranges
10. Tangerine
11. Cranberry
12. Raspberries
13. Strawberries
14. Broccoli
15. Spinach
16. Cucumber
17. Celery
18. Onions
19. Garlic
20. Lettuce
21. Beetroot
22. Zucchini
23. Turnip
24. Chili peppers
25. Cauliflower
26. Guava
27. Carrots
28. Asparagus
It is very healthy to eat these foods row, because of all nutrition elements they contain, but there are also many beautiful and delicious meals that can be cooked only with one kind of mentioned foods, but it is the more delicious if there is a combination.
In following lines great recipe for soup with negative calories would be given to you.
Recipe for soup with negative calories
The ingredients you need are:
1 cup Cabbage, 4 stalks Celery, cans Green Beans, 2 Zucchinis, 4 large Carrots, 1 medium Onion, 4 Turnips, 16 ounces Tomato Juice, 16 ounces Water.
How to prepare:
Cut all ingredients, put in a pot, and boil them together until the all vegetables become well cooked.
This nice soup can be used whenever hunger is felt.
But of course, if you decide for this kind of diet, you must do some other things that will improve your wellness. There is not enough just to eat these kinds of foods. Your diet must be supplemented with different kind of exercises and physical activity. Other way, the diet won’t be successful. This diet also improves the digestive system and metabolism, and that is the most important thing about good diet. Despite all, for every diet is crucial determination and patience.

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