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It is not easy to create a good menu, something that will satisfy the health and the taste aspect. Which one of those is more important is exactly what will shift the menu towards being healthy or unhealthy.


The first thing to consider is how many calories does youe body require with respect to your lifestyle. It is obvious that when it comes to the number of calories, someone who performs some manual labor spends a lot more energy than someone who sits by the desk the entire day. But calories are not the only thing needed to be set. The ratio of basic nutrients usually diverges, although most of the nutrients must come from carbs, and less from proteins and fat. This is used for making all sorts of diets for weight reduction. There are diets that decrease the value of carbs in order to reduce the total value of energy intake. Usually, carbs and fat are reduced, but there are also diets that decrease all nutrients drastically in order to significantly reduce the weight in the matter of days. Even though effective, these diets are far from healthy.

Value of calories can be very different and can go from 1200 up to almost 3000, depending on daily activities. Also, the value of calories differs if weight reduction diet is included. It is important to have 5 meals in a day, at least, since this will ensure that major meals have less food for the organism to process. Still, since there are two snacks, hunger should not emerge. Having more meals will also ensure that the basal metabolism rate is on a high level, which is really good.

Choice of food types

When it comes to ideas for weekly meal planning, one thing might help a lot. That is a pyramid chart, which shows what food types should be eaten more and what should be eaten less. Base of the pyramid contains nothing but veggies and fruits, because they have relatively low value of calories and yet they are rich with vitamins and minerals. This is the level that diets often choose for creating menu. Food from this level should be implemented in each daily meal. Second level contains different meat types, with poultry and tuna being the most healthy. Milk and dairy products are also present here. The third level and the last one is containing food rich with fat and, of course, these foods should be taken minimally, or completely avoided. This is not possible for some people and that is when the obesity kicks in.

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