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Calories in pear

Why is it so hard to reduce weight easily? It should be something that is done just as easy as the weight was gained. And the physical part actually is easy, but the problem is in the mind. Performing exercises and dieting seems hard because it represents changes; drastic, difficult changes that many people simply cannot endure, at least not for some longer period.

Fast diets facts

This is why fast diets are invented. These diets are all about losing a lot of weight in a very short time. And when we say short, we mean two weeks tops, no more. Fast diets are usually setting the calorie value at a very low level by decreasing one or two nutrients. In most of the cases, amount of carbohydrates is significantly reduced because that is the main source of glucose, which creates a lot of calories. Fat burning process is based on ketosis, process that turns fat into glucose through several chemical reactions. The problem is, ketosis also creates keto bodies, which are not healthy, especially for certain organs such as brain. Keto bodies enter the bloodstream, and reach the brain where problems start – symptoms like nervousness and disorientation happens and it even might end tragically.    

Eating healthy and normally

This it the best possible thing that should be done. It might result in a very slow fat loss, but without the ketosis process. For controlled eating, people should use two things, those are pyramid charts and charts with calorie values for each food type. Food pyramid is really helpful because it tells us what types of food can be eaten in high, moderate and minimal amounts. Obviously, vegetables and most of the fruits can be taken in large quantities. Meat, dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt etc.) belong to a second level, which can be used only moderately. Fats are on the top, the smallest level; food from here should not be taken much, if at all. Calories chart are also very helpful, because we can create menus with enough calories to satisfy our daily needs, but low enough for some weight to be lost. In order to insert enough vitamins and minerals, veggies and fruits should be eaten. One pear contains about 90 calories, with about 25 grams of carbs, no fat and with about 5 grams of fibers. As for vitamins, there are vitamins A and C, with some calcium and iron also present.

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