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Living carefree is easy, but taking care of health, well, that is a different story. People seem to forget about health until something serious happens. At that moment, everything else in life is forgotten until the health problem is solved and any amount of money needed for covering medical bills suddenly appears. It is no wonder that instinct for self-preservation is one of the strongest human instincts.

This all makes us conclude that health prevention should have our complete attention. Prevention includes many factors, we have balanced and healthy meal menus, regular physical activity, regular medical examinations, getting as much info as possible about various ways to further improve prevention, and another important factor, some would say the top one, reducing stress in life as much as possible.

Eating habits

Eating habits are very important when it comes to health prevention. Bad eating habits can cause many medical problems starting with increased fat tissue that results in increased blood pressure, high levels of LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides. Further complications that might emerge because of those high values are related to heart problems, diabetes and depression. For maintaining a regular weight with healthy menus, a lot of diets exist today that try to eliminate those extra pounds and one of the interesting menus would include healthy pyramid chart as a solution for those that have difficulties creating normal eating habits.


Pyramid chart is all about stability. There are several levels of the pyramid, each containing specific food groups, and the base is the widest level, usually containing grains. Most of our menus should be consisted from this food type. Next level includes fruits and vegetables that are also important and should be consumed in large quantities. As levels go up, the amount of food in those higher levels should be smaller, and even excluded completely, especially the top level.

Level that contains most of the food that many of us consume is level 3 and it includes meat, dairy products, eggs. These groups should be consumed mostly by young people, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women. Top level contains food with added fats, sweets, all those additives that can harm health in some way, if taken in big amounts.

It is obvious that base level and level two should create at least 70% to 80% of daily value of needed calories, while the rest should be taken from proteins, from 20 to 30%. Top levels, well, those should be avoided, but if that is not possible, they can be used only from time to time.

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