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Eating healthy - is it even possible? In the sea of offered food, it has to be said that a small percentage can be called healthy and safe for the organism. So, how to develop healthy eating habits?

Obviously, there is a lot of food that people can choose to eat. Therefore, it is not easy to determine which might be less dangerous than other. For this to establish, labels should be checked all the time. There it can be seen if a lot of substances is added (artificial flavors, colors etc.). Also, substances are added for prolonging the expiry date. What does this all mean? Eating healthy means eating food that is as fresh as possible. This goes for meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and similar, since those food types should be used. Of course, veggies and fruits should create most of the daily menu, while meat, grains, milk and dairy product may be taken, but in smaller amounts.

A pyramid

There is a food chart in the form of pyramid, which helps people when they have to determine what to eat and what not to eat. This pyramid consists of several levels with the widest at the base. This base level is all about food which is completely healthy and without much calories, if any. Of course, the already mentioned fruits and veggies belong here. It is obvious that these food types are really healthy, they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, fibers, healthy sugars etc. Above this level, there is a bit narrower level, which contains meat, meat products, fish, low fat dairy products, etc. These foods can be taken, but the amount allowed is far smaller than with the first level. The top level contains food rich in saturated fat and it should be avoided, if possible.


What are healthy eating habits? It can be said that one of those is eating at least 5 or even 6 times in a day. Of course, with so many meals, the amount of food is greatly reduced with each meal. This schedule will keep the basal metabolism constantly active and in return, that will burn the fat tissue all the time. Also, hunger will not be able to attack. Very important eating (drinking) habit is consumption of water. Water is something that our bodies are mostly made of and therefore, drinking a lot of water can only be positive for the organism (it will help with weight reduction process and with food processing).

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