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Unfortunately, diets are becoming a normal thing in our lives. Overeating and eating food that is far from healthy are major causes of obesity. Sadly, extra weight can produce additional medical issues that might be a lot bigger problem than the extra pounds. The most dangerous ones are related to heart conditions.

Losing weight

Intake of less energy than energy spent is the best way of losing weight. This can be done with the help of two basic methods, exercises and diets. Exercising is good for increasing the value of the spent energy, and diets are used for decreasing the value of the energy taken. It does sound simple, but it is not, since a lot of patience and a strong will are needed to combine the mentioned two most effectively over a long period of time. Difference between the mentioned energy values should not be very high, because it might be a shock for an organism to begin such a strict diet suddenly.

Choice of diets

When it comes to diets, there are many to choose from and that might be a problem. Some diets are balanced and as healthy as possible, while there are diets that strive to eliminate as much pounds as possible in a short period of time (crash or fad diets). It is important to know what exactly is a goal with a diet, short term fast lost of extra weight or more healthier approach, but also much more slowly. Medical experts almost always recommend healthier, more balanced method, but people tend to turn to fad diets because the effects might show within only couple of days.

Fad diet list is not a long one, there are but dozens effective diets that are most popular and used. Most of these fad diets are used over a period of 7 days, not more, because the organism is on a verge of starvation during the process.

Cabbage diet is an excellent example. This diet includes eating very, very small amounts of food but you can eat some sort of cabbage soup as much as you like. Atkins diet has been very popular couple of year ago, but it fell out of favor due to some health safety questions that have been raised. Only recently, Atkins diet became popular again. Zone diet revolves around carbs, protein and fat ratio. The recipe here is simple; the ratio must always, always be 40:30:30, with 40% of carbs. Other interesting diets are HCG diet, Acai Berry diet, and 3-day diet. There are many options but the effectiveness of those diets depends solely on the person who uses a diet.

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