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Weight loss plan should be effective and different foreach person because everyone is different, with different body shapes,muscle to fat ratios, life habits, and of course, people are mentally different(this might be the most important difference). This is why a good plan should alwaysbe made, and that can be done with the help of a nutritionist and a gyminstructor.


Something everyone should include in their weight lossplan creation is the food pyramid chart. It simply explains what can and whatcannot be eaten in the dieting process. Base level of this pyramid is all aboutveggies and fruits and, of course, it is the widest part. This isunderstandable since the majority of fruits and vegetables contains very lowamounts of carbs and has a lot of vitamins and minerals. But also, people willhave to understand that even when the diet is over, fruits and veggies shouldalways be included in meals. Those two food types are very healthy because theycontain low levels of sugar, and that is not refined but natural and simple sugar, which is processed easily in the digestive system. Fruits are excellent assnacks, and they are good to eat early in the morning (grapefruit is excellent for soaking uptoxins accumulated overnight in stomach and intestines).

There should be at least 6 meals in a day and this isalso something that everyone should include in their weight loss plan. Withthis number of meals, there is no way that hunger will occur, and hunger is oneof the biggest enemies of a dieting process. A lot of water should be taken ona daily basis since our bodies are mostly consisted of water. Therefore, water isnot harmful and it is something that the organism cannot do without for longer than couple ofdays. Water will also help with hunger elimination and faster digestion.


Increased physical activity should also be present in a weight loss plan. This will activate basal metabolism and help in spending more energy, which ends with more fat burning. With this type of plan, alot of extra pounds can be reduced. And when the weight becomes normal again, the intensity of exercising can be reduced, while the diet does not have to be sostrict and rigorous. But this happens only when the last extra pound is gone.Even some delicious and unhealthy food can be taken, but only occasionally, since this must not become a habit again. People tend to return to their old habitsagain after a while, and that is why when initial weight loss has passed, a long-term plan is needed in order to maintain the healthy organism for as long aspossible.

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