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Women are known to obsess about many things, but losingweight may just be at the top of the list. There probably isn’t a woman alivewho cares about her looks and hasn’t gone on a diet at the some point in her life,excluding those whose metabolism is such that it makes it almost impossible forthem to gain any weight, no matter what kind of food they eat.

Why do women go on rigorous diets?

And just as women have considered a diet at some point intheir lives, they have also had to consider a type of diet to follow at thosetimes. Therefore, every such woman knows that a diet which includes loosing alot of pounds in a very small period of time is not recommended by any healthprofessional. Doctors, nutritionists and all other experts have tried toemphasize, time after time, the importance of a healthy balanced diet.

So, if that’s the case, why do women tend to ignore anylogical advice and still go through such rigorous diet regimes? Probablybecause the majority of them does not even think about a diet until they need aquick fix, for whatever reason that is. Usually it involves a trip to theseaside which is in the near future, a need to impress someone, or simplynoticing that they gained too much weight to continue ignoring it and they arestarting to feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable in their own body.

Is it possible to lose seven pounds in two weeks?

No matter what is said about the quick-fix diets, loosingseven pounds in two weeks is not the kind of diet that is considered to be tooextreme. The fact that its course is a bit more rapid than it would be in acompletely healthy diet remains, but it is still the kind of diet that can beconsiderably healthy if planned well.

First of all, it is important to make sure that the level oftotal daily calories is not bellow the required amount. Also, planning themeals and the time intervals between them, as well as making sure that theseintervals are somewhat equal, is a very helpful step. As for the diet itself, thething to pay attention to is the intake of carbohydrates, fats and fibers.

Theperson practicing this kind of diet should make sure to consume the foods whichhave no more than the necessary amount of these elements, and also that theyare the positive kind, required for digestion. In addition, regular dailyexercise is imperative. The diet without the exercise does not have an effectthat is as successful and as lasting, and including exercise in the diet allowsfor a slightly increased amount of daily calories as they will all be wellspent during the exercise.

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