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Is it possible to loose 5-8 pounds per week with a right diet? Well yes, but only with right diet. A fast weight off can aid self-esteem and perform miracle when it comes to motivation. The motivation is important to force us to try hard and eat more healthy and to exercise day to day, regularly in order to keep on loosing and maintaining weight. There is a special diet that can actually help you loose at least 5 pounds, in a very short period of time.

Wheat Products

Some U.S. specialist for diabetes recommends prevention of overweight for diabetics. And the first, recommendation would be to leave out wheat products from the menu. Many dieters know this: also experts for fat and allergies that are in some cases, caused by extra weight. I am talking about wheat products like cereals, pasta and bread.

These are chemically processed and they seams to be healthy, but really, those products are not that healthy. Most of such products content a huge amount of sugar and substances that retain needed water, and have a minimum of recommended fiber. The wrong combination of all this can trigger hidden allergies. But if you really like bread, it is recommended to eat one with ingredients like rye, bulgur, whole oats, whole corn, or other gains.

Some product content fructose and fructose is not that good for overweight. And instead of pasta one can eat a buckwheat pasta or spinach. The whole grains of everything possible are sold separately from the processed food in all regular supermarkets. And eating them can make a pretty good cereal every morning.

Low fat everything

There is low fat everything on the market today. But low fat products may often be full with other things that are not good for diet. Yogurts are full of sugar and build up sugar can trigger fat storage. Low fat cheese has a content of sodium and that makes water stay in the body. Even a little allergy can spike up bloating and gas problems. And bloating can cause slow immune system. So, stay away from the milk product at least for a week until you solve this problem.


It is important to chuck out lemonade, fruit juice, soft drinks and flavored teas. It is important to drink clear water no sodas, caffeine or anything with calories. Lot of water is good to clear out toxins from the system. Water also aids in retention of the body and metabolizing fat.

No Favorite Mayo

Try to avoid mayo, fat loaded dressings, margarine, oils, salt, sugar etc... Instead, try to have baked potato with fresh lemon juice, mustard, orange juice, garlic or different herbs. You can add all sorts of spices as well. And of course, have no processed food. Detox diets are the best!

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