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The trouble with diets

Anyone who has tried to loose a couple of extra pounds knows how troublesome the process is. This is mainly because there are so many diets that you do not know what would be the best choice for you, your specific lifestyle, your organism, its metabolism and needs. Also, there are so many diet plans that are not effective or have a yo-yo effect, meaning that you quickly gain back what you have lost, and then some. Even advice from your friends might not be useful. What worked for them might not work for you.

Weightloss revised

Weightloss is the opposite of weight gain. This sounds like a pleonasm, but let us explain further. Weight loss can be planned and unplanned, as can weight gain, and the right way to weight loss is to determine why you gain weight and then deal with that. For example, it is possible to gain weight because of certain medications or treatments and there is little you can do about this if you are still on that kind of therapy. On the other hand, if the result of your weight gain is too much eating, well, you need just to reduce amount of food that you consume and to exercise in order to lose weight quickly. The speed of weight loss depends on many things, such as body structure, body metabolism and lifestyle. These influence the speed of weight loss greatly, so your effort may be rewarded quickly or slowly.

Quickestway to lose weight

Whatis described below are the best advices, that work for everyone. These tips are essential for any successful weight loss plan.

Water and health

Believeit or not, plain water is the best drink that you can get. Not only is it necessary for the proper functioning and detoxification of the organism, it can also act as a diet instrument. Whenever you feel hungry, drink a large glass of water and wait for a while. In most cases, the temptation to eat will cease as the stomach was filled with water and thus sent the 'full' signal to the brain, ceasing the hunger sensation. You can hardly find a better – and cheaper - appetite suppressant. Water is also a mobilizer of fats in the body. Further, by drinking cold water, you will be spending calories as this water must be heated to body temperature, and this spends calories.

The matter of meals

Ourbody functions in such way that it tends to store as many calories as possible if we eat large meals occasionally. This means that it is much better to eat six or seven small meals than two or three largeones.

Eathealthy food

Youare banished from the realm of fast food or junk food. You must switch to a healthy and balanced diet with proteins and fibers, fresh fruit and vegetables.


Regularcardio exercise, such as running, swimming or cycling, dramatically increases the speed at which you burn fat. It is also good to increase your general physical activity, typically by walking instead of taking the car or bus.

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