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Living healthy today must include several elements, such as healthy nutrition plan, exercising and avoidance of alcohol, drugs and nightlife (although this last one should be consumed from time to time).

Eating healthy

There are several ways to deal with extra weight via diets, or we should call those healthy nutrition plans. Making a diet is not easy, chosen meals should be enough for a normal daily functioning, and also, it should be tasteful in order to avoid risks of becoming bored with a diet, and that does happen often, especially if it is a rigorous and distasteful diet.

When we talk about healthy meals, it is always better to eat more often with smaller portions, than to eat only once or twice, with bigger portions. Several meals also include light snacks, something like a grapefruit in the morning. This might be excellent because grapefruit (and similar fruit like lemon, orange) can soak up the toxins accumulated in a stomach overnight.

Breakfast should include high number of calories, because energy gained from those is needed for daily activities. Dairy products, an egg, freshly made orange juice, coffee without sugar (small quantity) are good choices for a breakfast.

Lunch can include small piece of meat, seasonal salad and spices (with no salt, or with very small amount of it). Another snack can be in a form of fruit that will provide additional energy thanks to healthy carbs.

Dinner should be light for stomach, so that sleep will not be disturbed with digesting process. When it comes to numbers, healthy nutrition plan should provide with the difference between energy gained and energy spent at the value of 500. This should be just enough for losing about two, two and a half pounds in a week, which is something an organism deals with easily. Great loss of weight in a short period might be a shock for an organism, metabolism might be intensified drastically and that sometimes might be dangerous.


Ensuring the mentioned difference in calories can be easily achieved if some exercising is included in a weekly schedule. Ideally, 30 to 45 minutes of stretching and light exercise will do greatly for both body and mind. It does need some reorganization in one’s life, but when practicing it for a while, and when the positive effects start showing, sacrifice of short daily time will seem quite logical. Combining healthy diets with well balanced workout will make wondrous results, not only with extra weight but also with the overall condition of an organism.

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