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Description of the crash diets

As already well known, this type of the dietary regime is not among very effective weight loss plans and it is, in fact, commonly realized as the usual diet mistake, since their main characteristic is the one of being very radical. That is, these diets are focused on losing a lot of weight for rather short period of time and, because of that, they could be very harmful to the health.

The explanation of this problem is very simple; the crash diets are characterized by extremely lowered intake of calories, which could be dangerous. Because of that, they can’t be practiced longer than few weeks and additionally, this period is followed by the consequent recurrence of the lost pounds, which is called ‘’the yo-yo effect’’.

However, although having in mind all the mentioned shortcomings of the crash diets, which are characterized by the intake of only 1,200 to 1,800 calories on a daily basis, many people nowadays choose such a diet as the ultimate option, usually just before the summer starts. Of course, if all the lost nutrients are compensated after the several weeks of such a diet, it could be considered as the safe option.

Even wiser solution is to choose the dietary regime which involves the lowered intake of the calories, but which is considered as the healthy one. And, surprisingly, the latest researchers have shown that the crash diets are effective in the longer run for some people.

The most popular crash diets

Nevertheless, there are some diets which are the subgroup of the crash diets and which include only the intake of fruits and the juices that are freshly squeezed from them. When on this kind of diet one should be very careful about the effect of it, since it is focused on getting rid of the fluids from the organism and the reduction of the muscular tissue of the body. And, the recurrence of the lost pounds is even more probable in this case.

Here is a beneficial crash diet which is focused on slimming down by losing mainly the excessive fat. The key is, however, in carefully planning and calculating the exact amount of the excessive calories and taking only enough of the calories from foods and drinks. At this point, it is also important to emphasize that at the same time the amount of the water in the organism is significantly lessened and it is done by the lowered intake of sodium which provokes the easier decreasing of the water levels. And this is, exactly, the effective period of the diet, after which the amount of the water in the organism is constant, and, at that point, this diet should be ended.

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