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Physical exercise is an obligatory part of any healthy dietplan. This does not come easy to everyone, because some people find itdifficult to fit exercise in their busy schedule, while others just don’t havesufficient will power to keep exercising regularly and are just too lazy.Luckily, there is an appropriate diet for everyone, including those who lacktime, willingness or funds to visit a gym daily.

Walking is a simple, yet a veryefficient way to lose pounds and stay completely fit and in good shape. All ittakes is an adequate walking plan which requires about half an hour to fortyminutes a day. Naturally, besides walking, it is got to make sure to eat ashealthy as possible. It does not have to be any rigorous diet, just a well-balanced,healthy one with no unnecessary calories.

Sunday walk

Since this is the first day of the walking exercise, it isimportant to warm up a little at first, in order to avoid getting tiredunnecessarily quickly. Warming up does not need to be longer than five minutesand it is consisted of a simple leisurely walk, going at a pace similar to theone which has a destination. Warming up is not to be skipped because itimproves the blood circulation, decreasing a chance of muscle sprains and alsoimproving agility. When the warm-up is done, the tempo of the walk shouldincrease to a point where the walk feels intense, but does not leave the personcompletely drained of energy. Finally, cooling off is just as important aswarming up because the same rules apply.

Monday walk

The Monday walking pace should be a bit different from theone taken on Sunday. What that specifically means is that it should be changedat about every five minutes or so. The suggested speed of walking should gofrom a moderately slow pace, to a regular walking pace, to the one that isquite fast, (but not exhaustingly so) and after that to the fastest pacepossible that is not considered running, after which it’s back to the regularwalking pace, but then again to the fastest one, and finally, a slowcooling-down pace. This might sound rather demanding, but it is extremelyefficient, as it burns surprisingly large amounts of calories.

Tuesday and Wednesday walks

Tuesday and Wednesday walks should simply repeat the Sundayand Monday ones in that same order.

Thursday walk

The Thursday walk consists of walking up a hill. Noparticular way of walking is required, and neither are any kinds of walkingshifts, as going upward is enough exercise itself.

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