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When people want to reduce their weight, there are those who are willing to do anything in order to eliminate those obnoxious extra pounds. Rigorous diets are available, those that are reducing the intake of calories so drastically that the body is found on the verge of starvation. This is a completely wrong approach because the organism feels endangered when there is no intake of calories, thus preventing the organism to function properly. In those moments, weight reduction slows down because the body desperately clings to its calories and will not get rid of fat tissue easily. So, could your diet be making you fat? Indeed, this is possible.


Counting calories is essential, although that is not the most important thing that needs to be done when it comes to reducing weight. This means only one thing – a good plan is required for obese people who are starting the war with weight. A plan is needed, a good strategy that will easily outmatch the enemy – the hunger. This is done by increasing the frequency of eating, but reducing the amount of food in those meals. For example, it is much better to eat some food in 6 meals than that same amount with only three meals. Six meals will keep the basal metabolism and digestion processes always active and those are things that require consumption of additional energy. That energy will be taken from fat tissue.

It is important to know how many calories should be taken daily. It must not be too low because that will start fat preservation, but it also must not be too high because weight reduction will not start. For women, about 1200 to 1500 calories daily is about the proper measure, while men can take about 300 calories more. Of course, it has to be emphasized that this number also depends on several things such as the current physical condition of the individual in the weight reduction process, and also on the things such as profession (which can also burn a lot of calories). This all has to be considered when setting the number of calories that will be optimizing for intensive fat burning process.


Diet simply has to be combined with exercising, meaning that the diet should not be anything drastic, but only healthy, normal eating with some calorie control. As for exercising, it should also not be anything strenuous, but something fun and relaxing.

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