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It is already well known fact that women tend to gain a lot of the weight during the period of being pregnant. It is great problem nowadays because of the modern standards about the beauty, according to which the women must be slim. Since it is very natural and healthy to gain some weight in the pregnancy, every single woman suffers from the consequence of having to exhaust herself with the strict diet, so that she could get back into the previous shape.

But, one of the most important advices which should be accepted first of all is that the fad diets are to be stay away from and only the process of losing the weight gradually is really recommendable. Simply because it is healthier to slim down that way and there is the dramatically decreased possibility of the recurrence of the lost pound. So, the healthy, but slower diet helps on the longer run.

What is the healthiest dietary plan?

So, it is essential to realize that, after giving a birth, the organism needs its own ‘’rehabilitation period’’, so, there’s no need for forcing it beyond its limits, like, for example, doing the exhausting workouts. And that is especially important because the organism’s batteries should be charged and spent on nursing the newborn and taking a great care of it. Not to mention the importance and the benefits of the breastfeeding to the newborn. So, for the period of the first quarter of the year, after the delivery of a baby, it is good to focus on the increased intake of all the basic nutrients and not to even think about cutting down the portions of the beneficial foods, even carbohydrates and fats.

Also, as already mentioned, the period of the breastfeeding is essentially important, and carefully balanced diet should be followed (which is characterized by the increased amount of the caloric foods), since the mother must make around 800ml of the milk on a daily basis.

So, when the breastfeeding is over, the mother could undergo somewhat more serious diet and could increase the amount of the exercises. The healthiest way to slim down is to lose only one pound weekly. So, considering that women usually weigh around thirty pounds more than before becoming pregnant, and in the moment of giving the birth, around 13 pounds tend to be lost, those remains of about 17 pounds should be lost. But, that doesn’t mean that the 17 weeks are needed for the process of slimming down. Every woman should do what she feels is the best for her health.

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