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There are a million ways and the methods that are being advertised in every country on how to lose weight quickly. We live in a fast and furious world where we seemingly don’t have time for anything anymore. The media world has successfully dictated to us that we must be of a certain build, frame and weight to fit in. Many of the diets that promise you to lose ten pounds in one week is just crazy and not to mention dangerous.

This diet will help you to lose weight in one month in the safe way.The First and Second Step to Losing Ten Pounds in one Month

Water, water, water, this is the main key to success. You need to drink around seven glasses minimum per day and get rid of the salt. By doing this your body will immediately stop holding onto all that excess water. Just get yourself into the habit of always have a glass of water by your side and you will surprise yourself how much you will actually drink. Exercise, exercise, exercise. You didn’t think it’s all going to be about cutting this and that out of your diet. No, to do this properly and safely you must exercise for one hour each and every day. Not just walking, but vigorous exercise like spinning, tea bo, kick boxing, dancing or running. A swell as this you will also need to incorporate some form of a strength building exercise two or three times a week.

The Third and Forth Step to Losing Ten Pounds in one Month

Keep a record/diary of the food you eat, every single piece of food that goes past your lips, write it down. You need to do this because most of us don’t actually realize how much junk and snacks we consume so by looking at your diary each night will help to motivate you to cut back on those snacks. Try to make a positive change to the daily routine you have developed, so swap a snack for a banana for example. The forth step is obvious, get rid of the fried food.The Fifth and Sixth Step to Losing Ten Pounds in one Month

You will need to stop taking in the trans fat because this is what keeps the fat sticking to the sides. The sixth step is usually the hardest for most, caffeine and chocolate. Just keep in mind that this indulgence will just prevent you from reaching your ten pound goal, so stay away from it.

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