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When it comes to dieting, it is quite obvious that people are willing to do anything in order to lose weight in the matter of days or weeks. Of course, this is a wrong approach. But, how many of them are willing to start a healthy and long-term diet? Well, not so many indeed. What is the problem here? Education, mostly. People simply think that losing weight is something that must include some rigorous diet based on almost starving the body, on cutting down one or several nutrients, increasing physical activity to the point of exhaustion, etc. These are all methods that really can eliminate a lot of excessive pounds, but what is the actual cost? In many cases, health and that is not what is wanted for any person, obese or not.


Unfortunately, many people will always try a fast, fad diet because such diets offer a lot of weight loss in a really short time. One of the more interesting diets is the glycemic index diet. Is the glycemic index fad diet or something else? Well, it is based on regulating the intake of carbohydrates. Actually, there are several different groups of carbs and each of those has a different impact on the body. So, this diet tries to teach a person which carbs are good and which are bad. But the problem with glycemic diet is that it is not easy to find different food with different glycemic diet values. They are mostly present in the food with different amounts and different indexes, so it is really not a breeze creating a meal while dieting according to this menu.

Actually, fad diets and all other diets that disrupt the natural balance in the body should be avoided. This is partially because they affect the health in negative way. Our body is simply not used to being deprived of one or more nutrients, which means that all nutrients should be included in the dieting menu. For example, lack of carbs will trick the body into thinking there is something wrong going on and because of that; defensive mode is turned on, and then the body actually saves the fat. So, in order to eliminate calories, some carbs must be taken.

Of course, healthy food should be always included. In that food, fruits and vegetables are the most important ones and should create most of the daily menus. Keep in mind that a healthy way is also the most effective one.

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