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Dieting is a process that reduces weight and therefore, it is essential for all those who are suffering from obesity. Still, there are many things that people should be cautious about and the most important one is the choice of a diet.

Types of diets

There are several different types of diets, but they are all based on one thing – reduction of one or several nutrients from the menu for activating the fat burning process. Since the energy needed for the organism will be reduced with dieting, the body will have to compensate for the difference between energy input and output, and that happens with the elimination of extra fat tissue. The problem is that the lack of one nutrient will definitely create certain problems in the organism, no matter how effective the final goal might be. For example, reducing carbs or fat from a daily many increases the amount of proteins and that might cause problems for kidneys. Also, vitamin and mineral insufficiency might occur easily because of reducing the intake of certain food types.

One of the most popular types of diets is a fad diet. Even though they are quite effective, they might cause some medical issues. So, what is the truth behind fad diets: why are they bad for health? The main reasons are already mentioned - insufficiency of some important substances that the organism needs might lead to certain medical problems. Also, as a side effect, certain substances that are harmful for certain systems in the body might be created. This all tells us that, even though effective when it comes to weight loss, it is questionable whether fad diets should be used at all.

The solution

Fad diets might be a part of a bigger plan, the plan that has the fad diet as a starting phase, which shall eliminate a lot of pounds in a short time. But after that phase, another phase is needed, the phase with healthy and controlled eating. The difference in energy needed and taken in through food is not big here, so there should not be any problem in maintaining this type of diet. Of course, only healthy food is allowed and that means increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits to the maximum, while decreasing meat, dairy products and similar. However, none of them should be eliminated completely because there are some substances in that food that the organism also needs.

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