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Information on Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is a way of measuring how any food itemaffects the levels of sugar in the blood in the human body.

Information on Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is among the most popular varieties of rice butit is rather expensive because it is commonly cultivated only in the northernregions of Pakistan and India. It has a grained structure and an unmistakablyunique aroma and rich taste, which are the main reasons why it is so muchsought after. Compared to ordinary race it contains much less carbohydrates,which makes it significantly less glutinous and less sticky as well. Basmatirice can be purchased in numerous different varieties and it is often used asan important ingredient of various delicious dishes and recipes. The cookingmethods are usually very simple as they commonly involve the so calledabsorption method. Basmati rice is characterized by a medium glycemic indexwhich makes it much healthier than all other different sorts of legumes orgrains.

Glycemic Index of Basmati Rice

Glycemic index is a way of measuring the speed and rate atwhich any food items raises the levels of sugar in the blood. Glycemic index iscommonly calculated only for those food items which are known for containingsignificant amounts of carbohydrates so it is usually rather hard to obtainglycemic index charts for certain food items such as eggs, fish or chicken.There are a large people who think that sugars alone can increase the levels ofsugar in the blood, but unfortunately that could not be further from the truth.Food items such as wheat, potatoes and rice are very rich in complexcarbohydrates and they are usually the ones which should be held responsiblefor the elevated levels of sugar in the blood. All different food items whichare rich in carbohydrates are commonly divided into three main groups: highglycemic index food, medium glycemic index food and low glycemic index food.Low glycemic index food items commonly require larger amounts of time in orderto be broken down so the glucose contained in them is released to the body in arather slow manner. High glycemic food items are quite the opposite as they getbroken down much faster and the glucose contained in them gets released to thebody in a much quicker manner. Medium glycemic index food items commonly fallsomewhere between those two opposite categories. Those who suffer from diabetesshould always stick with low and medium glycemic index food items. Glycemicindex of basmati rice is 58 which means that it is a medium glycemic index foodtype.

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