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The thigh problem

Lately, losing weight and getting into the shape have become one of the most popular issues on how to look good, and there are a lot of recommended diets and the exercising programs for that purpose. Although most of the combinations of workouts and diets are very effective in losing weight and shaping up, everyone still suffers from the same problem. And that is the problem of the specific part of the body from which the fat simply won’t come off. And, one of the most common such parts of the body are the thighs, and the female population is more prone to have the fat accumulated in this specific areas.

So, when the dietary regime just isn’t enough, it is advisable to introduce some of the exercises which have shown to be very successful in getting rid of the excessive fat from the thighs, into the workout. Such trainings are as well focused on building, and extending the muscles of that area and the most popular among them are the various types of squats and the leg raises.


These exercises are very effective and not at all complicated; it is necessary to stand with the legs little bit spread and to bend the knees similarly as wanting to sit. During this movement the back should be held straight and the knees shouldn’t pass the line of the end of the feet, and the movement should be over when the thighs are parallel to the ground. One should stay that way for five seconds and do this exercise in the sessions of at least twelve repetitions, and the number of the repetitions could be increased gradually.

The described squats are focused on toning the outer thighs, but when it comes to the inner thighs, the squats are done with more opened feet position (and the hands lifted in front so that the balance could be sustained), and all the other characteristic are the same as in the case of the regular squats for the outer thighs.The leg elevations

The starting position is the same as in the case of the common squats, but the difference is that some vertical surface must be used as the help in the case of the possible loss of the balance, and that one leg at the time should be lifted to the extent when it is parallel to the ground. The sessions are advised to be the same as in the case of the squats.

However, even more effective subtype of these exercises are the raises of the both legs at the time, while they are parallel to the rest of the body. These exercises are done while lying on the side and the movement is complete when the both legs are lifted up to the angle of sixty degrees from the ground, and then, they should be kept in the air for at least five seconds. It should be repeated for around ten times on each side of the body.

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