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Stretching exercises for seniors

Aging and Exercising

As we grow older, our body deteriorates in many different ways. One of these involves a decrease in physical functions and the flexibility of our muscles in general. This gives way to many different health problems, some being more dangerous than the others. Luckily, by performing specific stretching exercises regularly, one can reduce the pain and troubles of senior age significantly. Therefore, the following lines will describe the best stretching exercises for seniors, helping them to cope with their aging process much better.

Stretching Exercises for Seniors

Before you even think about performing these exercises, you are highly advised to consult with your doctor, especially if you suffer from some kind of a medical condition. After the doctor allows you to do this kind of physical activity, you might proceed with the program. Just make sure you do some gentle warm up routines like jogging or running a bit, before you start with the stretching.

The first exercise involves stretching your back and is performed by lying down on your stomach with your body flat on the floor, raising your head and legs simultaneously before returning into the initial position, repeating the process 7 times.

Next, stand up with your hands high above your head. Then, lower the hands so that you can bend your back and touch the tip of your toes, holding this position for several seconds and repeating 7 times.

As for your hips, in order to stretch them good, you might try lying down on your back, flat on the floor, bending one of your legs. Once you do this, grab the thigh of that leg with both of your hands and pull it towards you, until you feel the hips stretching. Return to the initial position and do the same with the other leg.

Since your calves need support and exercise too, you might stand on an erected step, standing only with the ball of your feet. Then, raise and lower your body, letting your feet sink into the floating area. Repeat this 10 times. Additionally, rotating your ankle after raising one of your legs into the air can be quite beneficial for these joints of yours.

For stretching you inner thighs, you are best to assume an erected position, with one of your legs bent in the knee, slightly in front of you. Then, while keeping the other leg straight, force some of your body weight on the bent leg, providing the straight leg a good stretch.

Finally, for your upper body, you might just intertwine your fingers and stretch your hands in front of you, palms out. Alternatively, you can do the same thing with your hands behind your back, straightening them and raising them as much as you can, stretching the muscles. Also, you can place your arm behind your neck and pull it with your other arm, stretching it. Rotating your neck in all sides is very useful as well.

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