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When it comes tothose most prominent conditions that can affect our hair, hair thinning and baldingare those that are brought in direct connection with “gaining” years. But whenit comes to the process of hair loss itself, an important fact to be minded isthat this can occur at just about any age, and even in those fairly youngpeople who have just embarked on the road called adulthood. Overall, it is most frequent and consistent in thosemales who have reached the middle point of their life, but it is also seenquite often in those males who are in their twenties and also early thirties.

This is one of thosephenomena that is considered to be partially due to our genetic predispositions,or rather as a direct “consequence” of our inheritance. In case a person has or has had certain relatives who, at one point in their youth, struggled tokeep their hair on their heads, then thechances for that person to experience the same are pretty great.

Effective treatmentmethods and techniques for men

Given the fact that, in the greatest majority of cases, at the basis of hair loss is the pilling upof DHT (i.e. dihydrotestosterone, one specific form of the testosterone), theinitial step that should be undertaken is finding the most proper solutionthat would aid you to effectively bring the pilling up of DHT. In addition,due to the fact that each male produces the hormone in question, the process ofpilling up is not that unexpected after all. In general, this testosterone formbegins giving you headaches, once it settles insidethe hair follicles themselves. During its “stay”, there it brings about theblockage of follicular openings and thus disables new hair from passing throughthem. And once this growth is hindered or made difficult, then the hair itselfcannot grow that effortlessly, making the entire process almost futile. Themost serious implication of this is that, in case a person does not treat thisin due time, it may reflect on the entire process and prevent furthergrowth of hair altogether.

Effective treatmentmethods and techniques for women

Though it may soundsurprising, male pattern baldness is significantly more frequent than thefemale baldness. Once this converted into figures, it boils down to thefollowing numbers – 35 million men have to confront with baldness on a dailybasis, whereas when it comes to females, that number is considerably smaller,i.e. 21 million women. When having women in mind, the most effective means areshampoos that are formulated with HUCP (one of the forms of hyaluronic acid) regardedas the substance for keeping the cells properly hydrated and also adequatelylubricated.

Treatment “aiders”

DHT blockersPrescription hair loss medications (mindingthe possible side effects prior to use)Hair loss drugsKevis natural treatments solutions

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