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Hair growth

Hair loss and pattern baldness are two very distressful concerns that worry many women and men. They usually occur when a person is getting older, but in some cases, baldness is a consequence of certain genes and cannot be healed. On the other hand, when a person has the problems with hair due to some health factors, there are several natural remedies that can promote the hair growing. The hormone DHT as a byproduct of free testosterone is responsible for pattern baldness in men. There are commercial baldness products, that are very effective in preventing this condition by not allowing the interaction between DHT and the hair follicles. The solution is to balance the hormonal levels in the body.

Internal herbs for hair growth in men and women

Saw palmetto of good quality is the most helpful herb for prostate health, because when the prostate is not healthy, the levels of the hormone DHT may become very unbalanced and then lead to baldness and hair loss.Uva ursi leaves, corn silk, juniper berries and parsley are herbs that are very effective for the good functioning and cleansing of the kidneys, which are vital for the good state of the prostate.Stinging Nettle is an herb that prevents the transforming of free testosterone into the hormone DHT. This herb is consumed in the form of tea. A cup of stinging nettle tea a day can be used in the log term.Dong quai, chaste tree berry and wild yam are herbs that are the most effective in stabilizing female hormones, although the levels of testosterone in a female body are much lower than in male.

External herbs for hair growth

Henna and coconut oil are herbs that may efficiently promote the hair growth and prevent hair loss and pattern baldness. Henna can be used when dying hair. A mixture of henna powder and a liquid is directly applied to the scalp and hair. On the other side, coconut oil rubbed occasionally into the hair is very powerful for the hair health.

Natural hair growth

If one wants a healthy hair, he must take sufficient healthy nutrients. Otherwise, if there are no sufficient nutrients in the body, more important processes in the body will use the present nutrients for their functioning, while hair growth remains without them. Therefore, good nutrition is one of the most important factors for the hair growing. Juices, vegetables and fruits are foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals and therefore, highly recommended for consuming.

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