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Baldness and Humans

Baldness and hair loss in general need no furtherintroduction, as these are two dire problems of many men and women. Therefore,many treatments were invented for curing these problems and allowing people tolive their life fully confident with themselves since they have one of the mostimportant aesthetic factors, their thick and beautiful hair. There are severalmedications available for suppressing certain hormones which block hair growthin men. However, these might not work with all men, and these are completelyuseless with women. Surely, there are other medications which might work withwomen and not with men, or their effectiveness may be influenced by theseverity and locality of the baldness. Additionally, people who face hair lossmay opt for transplantation. However, this method has its own conditions andrequirements which need to be fulfilled. All in all, treating baldness is ahard process which is yet to be fully developed. However, scientists anddoctors around the world are working on solving this health complication as wespeak and there might be many solutions available for restoring one’s hairsooner than we expect.

Future Cures for Baldness

Dutasteride is a future medication still being developed. Itis an anti-androgen and a DHT blocker, which is bound to show excellent resultsin men who suffer from frontal baldness. Its publication is expected to happensoon, since the medication is in the final stage of testing.

Another cure which holds great promise is codenamed NEOSH101and is supposedly going to be the best cure for baldness once the testing anddevelopment is over. Nevertheless, we are still to see the day when thismedication will be available on the pharmacy shelves. Until then, we can onlyhope that we do not lose all of our hair until then.

Alternatively, a future cure may rest in the yet developingprotective enzyme telomerase. This enzyme is claimed to be capable of providingnatural protection to our telomeres, preventing them from becoming shorter,thus triggering hair loss. However, lack of control over the enzyme in itscurrent stage of development can trigger cancer, which is unacceptable.Therefore, it is a cure still to be perfected.

Hair and hair follicle multiplication are two additionalmethods which are yet to see the light of day for the rest of us. Hairmultiplication involves taking hair samples from the back of our scalp,multiplying them and injecting them into new hair cells created in the hairlesspart of a person’s scalp. Hair follicles are being created from hairlesswounds, being one of the strangest, yet most potent future cures. Finally, wewait, hoping that our future will bring us less worries and more hair.

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