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Nowadays, all over the world more and more people are losing hair. Some of them lose all hair while others suffer only from a receding hairline which manifests in hair loss just above the temples. In most cases a receding hairline looks like a letter “M”. A very interesting thing about receding hairline is that the hair along the sides and the middle of the head remains intact and the only loss of hair is along the lateral sides of the forehead. In most cases of receding hairlines the loss of hair eventually spreads across the top of the head. However, there are cases when it does not. It all depends on the person but an important part of the whole process is the actual cause of the receding hairline.


Age is the most common cause of the receding hairline. Experts say that it is natural for men to experience hair thinning with age and that the thinning will become more and more obvious as a person becomes older. According to some researches almost 66% of all men suffer from baldness when they reach the age of 60. The percentage is quite smaller and it is only 25% when men are around the age of 30.


Experts agree that heredity is another very important part of the whole receding hairline case. Heredity means that a person has inherited this trait from his or her mother or father and that is the reason why a person is suffering from receding hairline. The American Hair Loss Association says that a majority of hair loss cases in America is connected with heredity. Experts explain that hair loss happens because the follicles along the scalp and especially those along the lateral sides of the forehead are quite sensitive to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. They also say that that sensitivity is of genetic nature and in most cases DHT is the reason why hair recedes. People who do not have this genetic trait have a greater chance of living a huge part of their life without suffering from receding hairline.


According to the experts testosterone is the third most common cause of receding hairline. This androgen is very important in the development of the male-pattern baldness. When it gets exposed to type II 5alpha-reductace it is converted into dihydrotestosterone and that leads to receding hairline. DHT also prevents the growth of hair and because of that a person ends up with a receding hairline.

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