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Facts About Hair

Hair styles vary from person to person, since every single personwears it differently. It is believed that each person has around 100,000 hairson their head. Our hairs grow about 1 centimeter per month and after a coupleof years they come to a resting phase for about one year. Nearly 10% of ourhairs are in the resting phase while about 90% of them is growing. Duringeveryday combing, you can see dozens of hairs fallen off from your head, but thatis nothing unusual, since the average number of lost hairs per day is around 100hairs.

Male Hair Loss Causes

Men are generally more prone to lose their hair than women.It can be due to certain diseases, hormones, smoking, stress or heredityproblems. Men tend to lose around 150 hairs per day. Some men have their hair replacedwith new hair, but some of them are not so lucky. There are men whose hairsimply doesn`t grow back and this occurrence is called baldness, and the fact is that more than halfof the male population experiences baldness in certain periods of their lives.Baldness can be treated with medications or by doing a surgery. There is acertain way in which the hair falls off from men`s head and it is called malepattern baldness. It usually starts by receding hair on the sides near thetemples, and then forming a shape of the letter “M” on the scalp. Some men areashamed of their bald scalp so they wear wigs, hats or scarves. Others acceptlosing their hair. With the help of the enzyme called 5-alpha, testosterone isconverted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When hair follicles interact withDHT, they tend to shrink and that is why men lose hair. There arethose men who gradually lose their hair, but eventually their baldness becomespermanent.


In order to find the best medication on the market, you need to findone that is most likely to help in reduction of the production of DHT. One suchmedication is Propecia, which is highly effective in reducing the production ofDHT. It is and oral drug available at local pharmacies and online. It isclinically tested and many men have already confirmed it to be effective. Surgical treatmentsare really effective, too and there are 3 types of surgeries. The first one is aflap-surgery, which works by enlarging the part of the scalp containing hair. Thesecond type is called scalp reduction, which is good for men with small baldspots on their head, and the third one is called transplant. This type requiresmoving the non-sensitive hairs to the back of the head and is usually suitablefor men who lost hair only on the front part of their head.

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