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Baldness in men and women

One might think that the androgenic alopecia is a relatively rare condition, but in fact it is not. Some investigations indicate that around half of all men will come to suffer from this condition in some stage of their lives. With women it is somewhat different, around twenty to forty percent of them experience this trouble in their lives. So, if you are suffering from this bothersome condition, know that you are far from being a member of a minority.

Hair follicle is the sheath of cells and connective tissue which surrounds the root of a hair. Baldness will start to develop in cases where the follicle becomes smaller, and when hair stars growing more slowly than before. As one can obviously deduce, typically not all follicles on the head of a person will start malfunctioning at once, and that is why most of the people have one area of their head bald.

The reason for going bald

The factor that by and far has the most to do with hair loss or baldness is hormones. In males, the hormone that interacts with the follicles and that is responsible for going bald is androgen. The activity degree of follicles is decreased and gradually hairs stop growing. For women the process is much the same as for men. It is once again induced by the change in hormone status, involving either unusually active ovaries or hormone fluctuations that are linked withpregnancy.

Most common myths related to hair loss

There are some things that are circling around from one mouth to another, claiming to be truth about the causes for the loss of hair. For instance, some people say that persons who shampoo their hair too frequently will start losing hair. This is not true, but there are some actions and states that are typically linked with hair loss.

Among the myths, we have rumors that loss of hair is provoked by treating your hair with various products, or that once you have shaved your head the hair will become thicker when it grows back out. Also, some misinformed people claim that nervous tension and smoking can set off processes of hair loss in both men and women, but this is a misinformed claim.

Actual causes for going bald

There are some conditions that are actually linked to losing hair. For example, people can start losing hair when they endure physical stress, like undergoing a surgery, or when their hormones start fluctuating for some reason. Also, some medications for different illnesses or chemotherapy can induce the process of hair loss.

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