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Believe it or not, hair thinning is definitely one of theproblems that might lead to the hair loss, which is why something should bedone about it before it is too late. A wrong thing that people usually do is ignorethe problem even though they are aware of it, thinking that it will go away orsolve by itself. This rarely happens because ignoring the problem will not makeit go away, particularly not in this case. This is why several tips on what can be done about it at home will be given here. And, none of the followingtips will require spending great deal of money on expensive products, whichmight not be effective and helpful, or at least not helpful and effectiveenough.

Simple tips on the treatment of thinning hair

Even though it might sound hard to believe, massagingthe scalp actually does have a stimulating effect on the pores, and it does improvethe circulation. This has positive effects on the hair follicles and regrowthof the hair, so some 15 minutes a day of massaging the areas in which the hairbecomes thinner does not require a lot of time, and definitely deserves givingit a try.Saw palmetto is an herb which is highly recommended forpeople who have problems such as hair loss or thinning hair, particularly ifthey are males. Even though there is still no scientific evidence on its effectivenessin such cases, its benefits in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasiaare more than evident, which proves enough that conversion of testosterone intoDHT is positively influenced by this herb. Since the conversion of this hormoneinto DHT is exactly what is responsible for the hair loss and hair thinning, itis believed that saw palmetto might be beneficial for the hair loss problems aswell. However, those who decide to give this herb a try need to be sure thatsome problem with circulation, thyroid gland or adrenal gland is not the causeof the thinning hair.Many people do not really pay attention to the contents andingredients of the shampoos and conditioners that they buy and use, which iswrong, particularly if they have problems of this kind. Many of hair care productscontain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is suppose to ‘degrease’ the hair, but thefact is that it brings more damage to the hair, particularly if used over longertime.

If none of these tips helps, and it is important not to expect miracles to happen over one night, the person should consider visiting a doctor because some underlying problem might be the culprit for hair thinning.

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