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Hair loss is a problem that even monkeys and other primates can sufferfrom. In order to react properly, we need to find out what is causing the hairloss. Researches that have been established a link between hairloss and nutritional deficiency. This goes for hair loss in both women and men, but besides nutritionaldeficiency, they have added several other factors that might lead to hair loss, such aspoor hair care and stress.


Hair loss has always been associated with genetics and inmost cases, alopecia, or the female and male pattern hair loss, is to be blamedfor it. The dihydrotestosterone, or the DHT, is a sex hormone and its increasedsensitivity is associated with development of alopecia. This hormone hasseveral influences over the male bodies, since it has an impact on voice, body andfacial hair, and gender characteristics. The hair shaft will be reduced if the hair follicles growth cycle becomesshorter, and this can be done by DHT. This will cause the growth of narrowerhair and even loss of hair in more serious cases. Testosterone's effect isneutralized by the estrogen among women, but female pattern baldness can occurdue to estrogen reduction, hormonal imbalance or menopause. Male patternbaldness is a much more serious problem than this, since it causes thinning andwidening of the crown parting.But connection between iron and female and male hair loss has been discovered byL'Oreal. They have conducted a study with 13 000 participants, both male andfemale, who were divided in two groups. One group took iron supplement, whileother took placebo. The study discovered a connection and they have been ableto calculate ration between deficiency of iron and the hair loss risk.


But there is a problem of iron build-up in the tissuebecause it becomes toxic and it may lead to chronic illnesses. Do not take iron supplementwithout prior measurement of your iron levels at the doctor's office. As wehave said, poor hair care and stress can influence the hair loss problem. Theycannot cause it, but they can contribute to it. The growth of your hair canbe hampered by irregular hair washing and brushing. Old hair falls out and thisis a natural process stimulated by brushing, since it eliminates thefrail and ready to fall off dead hair. Growth of new hair can be endangered ifoil or dirt builds up or if the old hair is not removed. You can see how washingand brushing your hair is important. The supply of oxygen to the scalp can beimpaired by stress and this will result in the tightening of scalp muscles.Premature hair loss will occur if this problem lasts for a longer period oftime. In order to control the stress, and thus prevent hairloss, there are stress reduction techniques that can be very helpful.

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