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Stressed hair is a great problem, which can even be madeworse by covering the problem with hair extensions, certain hairstyles andmake-up. Every day our body grows new hair, while the old is removed and this isa natural process of the human body. The hairs will go through the growingphase which is called anagen phase and which lasts for five years. Scalp hair then entersthe telogen and then resting phase. This is a process that occurs normally. Thephase of growing comes after the telogen phase and this is when we remove theold and grow new hair. Every day we lose approximately 100 hairs and thisnumber increases on shampooing days, since the old hair becomes more lose and easierto fall out. This occurs in normal conditions, but traumatic experience, certainmedical conditions and old age can impair the growth process and lead tobaldness and thin hair.

Hair Growth

The rhythm of the hair growth can be impaired by some specific circumstances.Medications can lead to the loss of hair, but this usually returns to the normalwhen use of the medication is halted. A strong sex hormone called DHT isresponsible for the baldness in this case. It has great influence on the growthof the facial hair and it can cause hair growth problems on the head, but problemswith prostate as well. Baldness in this case can be reversed with the help of the 50mg of silica every day. Production of the DHT can be influenced bycertain enzyme, whose growth can be stimulated with zinc and copper.


Hair loss and regrowth of hair can be treated in several ways. Many people aretrying to get rid of this problem, but treatments are not that effective. Thereare many treatment options, such as scalp hypothermia, corticosteroidinjections, use of medications (like finasteride and minoxidil) and treatmentof the underlying medical condition causing the hair loss. Hair transplantationis also an option. Know that regrowth of the hair is an extremely difficultthing to do when compared to the preservation of hair. However, since the modernmedicine has advanced hugely over the last years, there are many treatmentsoptions that can help with hair regrowth.


Doctors may give you this medication, which can stimulate hair growth and it isbest when used by men who have miniaturized hair in higher concentrations. RetinolA and this medication in combination may be a very good solution for the hairloss problem, but never use them at the same time, only separately during theday. Topical medications of minoxidil can be used for hair loss prevention andstimulation of hair growth. This is the best solution for the regrowth of hair.Take it two times a day, but know that baldness is a not a problem that can beeliminated with minoxidil, according to the evidence.

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