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Why Do We Lose Hair?

Hair loss is something which happens with older age, predominantly in men. As we grow older, the quality of our hair deteriorates and, in most cases, our hair starts falling out. Many people, again, especially men, lose patches of their hair or all of it. However, not many are aware of the reasons behind this process.

If age was the cause, all people would lose hair at the same age or at the same point in life. However, there are individuals who preserve their healthy hair even after their old age. Also, some people seem to be more prone to losing hair than the others are. Fortunately, all this can be explained. Read the lines below in order to learn more about the causes of hair loss in people.

Causes of Hair Loss

As far as men are concerned, it is a well-known fact that they are more likely to lose hair than women are. This can be explained through hormonal activities in the male organism. Namely, there is a hormonal byproduct of testosterone, called dihydrotestosterone, or, short, DHT which triggers the baldness and hair loss. Since women have lower levels of testosterone in their bodies, they are less likely to suffer from this problem.

Basically, the levels of DHT increase with age. Additionally, DHT is produced immediately after ejaculation. Thus, men who are more sexually active tend to lose hair more easily. Finally, the more testosterone you have in your body, the more DHT you are going to produce as well.

If men were to keep their DHT levels the same as when they were 15 years old, they would probably keep all their hair on their scalp. The proof for this theory lies in unfortunate choir boys of the 1600s who were castrated for the sake of preservation of their high-pitched voice. Subsequently, most of these individuals, once they became adults, kept their thick, healthy hair.

Of course, castration may seem too large a sacrifice. Therefore, men should seek for alternative solutions.

Prevent Hair Loss

You can opt for hair loss medication, which is, more or less, a pharmacological castration, through reducing your testosterone levels. In return, you will keep your hair thick, while losing your sex drive. Therefore, this might be a way out, but the side-effects may be too severe.

Luckily, there is a successful way of preventing hair loss. All you need to do is to adjust your lifestyle a bit. Firstly, you need to keep your stress levels low and regulated. Stress is also one of the major causes of hair loss. Thus, you need to learn how to stay calm, relaxed, satisfied and happy.

Secondly, you must take good care of your liver. Proper nutrition is a must since your liver filters and expels all the toxins from your body. Give it healthy food and drinks and it will stay healthy for a long time too.

Finally, keep in mind that all the nutrients reach your scalp through blood vessels. Thus, keep them in a good shape through leading a healthy, physically active life, eating food rich in minerals, vitamins and healthy fats.

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