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Hair loss is a condition that has been present for quite some time, giving quite a headache to the people who had the misfortune of dealing with it. What has also been a huge concern is that it did not discriminate between the sexes, affecting equally both the members of a male, as well as of female population. But when it comes to women, this is much easier to hide from the eyes of the public than it is the case with men. Still, hiding and concealing is, of course, not a permanent, or even a long-term solution, for nobody would like to struggle with this troubling issue the entire life. Fortunately for us, in the meantime, there have been discovered numerous ways and techniques that do exactly that – bring hair back so the headaches and worries could finally seize. And more importantly, the techniques in question are not sex-tied, i.e. they can be readily employed by both the males and the females. Having this in mind, one treatment option that has come to the most immediate public attention is the hair loss treatment shampoo.

Shampoo to success

The medicated shampoo solution in question is most effective once it is applied over one's scalp in a direct manner, and in the course of one's bath or a shower. Just like any other shampoo, this one also produces foam but in much lesser quantities, it must be emphasized. Once rubbed in onto the scalp and the surrounding area, it needs to be left there for a couple of moments (5 minutes would be a highly desirable time period) before washing it away completely. In order to increase the overall effectiveness rate of the shampoo solution in question, one should always use cool (never cold) water.

Given the fact that quite a number of hair care manufacturers offers their own product of this kind, it is sometimes a bit tricky to discover the most effective one straight away. Thus, one of the ways to avoid losing precious time and finance is to visit your doctor and have him/her prescribe one for you.

The greatest majority of of hair loss treatment shampoos are all herbal based, thus being quite safe for use. Those constituents most readily found, at least in the greatest majority of those better and more quality ones, include aloe vera, saw palmetto, primrose oil, wheat extracts, carrot, cucumber and ginseng extracts, as well as avocado, rosemary and alike.

In addition, synthetic shampoos that consist of such constituents as sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, propylparaben, phenoxyethanol and similar ingredients are also available.

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