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It is true that the abdominal region is one of the most focused areas when it comes to exercising. This is because it is considered as one of the several beauty aspects when it comes to human body. So-called six packs are desired by both men and women, although women usually prefer a bit leaner variant, without the emphasizing of the bulk up effect. Of course, when it comes to men, it is all about having big, toned and strong abs. Perfecting this area is not easy, especially because there are several sub areas that should be focused and those are lower, upper and side abs. Side abs are usually called love handles and fat tissue can also accumulate here in large amounts. How to get rid of love handles fast? It primarily depends on what fast means for a person...
It is important for people to realize that there is no short, fast and easy way towards a perfect body, especially if extreme obesity is present. Extra pounds did not build over night and that is why it cannot be expected to eliminate them in a short time. But relatively short is something else and it can be achieved although both dieting and exercising are needed. A lot of caution is needed if a person applies both things because people tend to exaggerate with everything, which is why they start eating less and less thus putting oneself at risk of exhaustion. This is why the energy intake has to be large enough to satisfy both basic needs and additional amount for the increased physical activity. For this reason, a couple of days is needed to establish the proper amount of nutrients that should be present in meals. Of course, if the training session is intensive, the total amount of calories should be increased.
Cardio workout and exercises that target love handles should be performed. Cardio is excellent because it activates the burning process in the entire organism including the desired area, while focused exercises create additional effect and make those muscles stronger. Side crunches are a great exercise for love handles. They are performed with a practitioner lying on the side with stretched legs. Both torso and legs are lifted at the same time. This is a tricky form because the body is not stable and therefore, more strength is needed. Also, cardio exercises that include rotation of the hips (handles are positioned right above hips) should be performed. That is good for extension of love handles and also contributes to shaping and fat loss. Beside these, running should be applied too for increased fat burning.

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