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Fat accumulation and love handles

The fat accumulated around the abs and their sides are called love handles or obliques. Their presence worsens in time, and is increasingly difficult to remove. A couple of methods exist for the successful removal of obliques, all including exercise and dieting.

Removing love handles requires workouts that affect the whole body instead of centering on the affected area, and involve a metabolic process of fat burning. Because such exercises are aimed at improving the overall quality of the metabolism and the way it influences the body, calling these workouts „exercises for removing love-handles“ is technically incorrect. Dieting is also a crucial part of the oblique-removing process, as a failure to practice dieting can lead to the fat remaining on the body.

Methods of Oblique Removal

Crunches and cardiovascular exercises should be performed to eliminate the love handles. There are many kinds of crunch workouts, some of which are specifically aimed at love handle removal, and all should be done 25 times. To perform a regular crunch, it is required to lie on the back with the feet placed on to the ground and the knees lifted off the ground and hands located behind the head to support it. The head should then move as to contact the knees, with the abdominal region tightening, and then moved back to where it was using the same movement. The first phase of a twisted crunch is performed in the same manner as a standard one, but following that the knee should be bent slightly along with the elbows, which need to contact each other as the head is moved up a bit, and then doing the same again with the other leg. Finally, a reverse crunch involves a similar start, followed by moving the knees to touch the elbows in lieu of moving the head and elbows, while the head and upper body should remain on the floor. An alternative exercise is the trunk twist, which includes standing fast with the legs separated by one foot. The waist should then be turned to the left while the knees and legs remain unmoved, moving the right arm in the direction of the waist movement.

The other critical form of workout is cardiovascular in nature. Exercises such as jogging, running, biking, swimming and walking, rowing machines, stair and ladder climbers, elliptical machines and gym bicycles are all forms of cardio exercise. These exercises should be performed daily in a 20 to 45 minute time periods, and in combination with the above mentioned abs workouts. Visible results will appear within a couple of weeks.

As far as dieting is concerned, expert advice can be utilized to form a plan for fat reduction, involving a reduced amount of fatty foods consumed and body fat amount check-ups. It is recommended to undergo this process with supervision.

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