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Exercising should be performed by each and every one of us, without exception! This is because there are so many positive effects of physical activity that it can be said we will live a bit longer and with a bit more quality if exercising is performed regularly and properly. But, obviously, not all of us need to execute the same exercises.

Workout types

Two basic forms of exercising exist: cardio that create lean muscles, and muscle building for creating a bulked up effect. Whatever type is chosen, strong abdominal area is always needed. Unfortunately, this is one of the hardest areas to perfect, not because of the muscle development but because of fat tissue (if it is present), which might cover the entire region. In order for those strong six packs to be visible, extra fat tissue has to be eliminated. This is done with the help of cardio workout, exercises that focus abs only and with dieting.


Abdominal muscles are roughly divided into lower, upper and side muscles (oblique muscles, so-called love handles). Many experts will say that exercising lower abs is the most important thing to do when it comes to the abdominal area. This is because of the position of those abs. When exercising lower abs, the entire abdominal area is affected, both upper and side abs, although not as much as lower part. That is why it is recommended to first execute lower abs exercises that work, followed with upper and side areas.

As for forms of lower abs, crouches and leg raises should be performed. Those are basic but still effective exercises. There are, of course, some variations, such as performing bicycle riding motions with legs positioned as high as possible. Sit ups can be performed quickly or slowly. Hands should be positioned behind the head for the best possible effect. Also, for an extra effect on side areas, exercise with left elbow touching the right knee and vice versa, it is one of the most effective techniques. There is another form for the lower abs that should be applied - hanging leg raises, that are done with the help of the chin up bar. Hands are holding the bar, body is stretched and relaxed and then leg raises can start. This is an excellent form because the entire abdominal area is affected.

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