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Some exercise for health, some exercise because of beauty and whatever the reason, it is obvious that exercising is needed and should be performed as much and as often as possible. If this is a problem for some people because of obligations, a reorganization of schedule should be performed. This is because once physical activity becomes a regular part of the life, there will be so many positive effects for the body.


It is true that those who exercise for beauty will eventually become true detail freaks, which might not be a bad thing after all. And it is also true that some areas in the body might need a bit more focus for fat elimination. For example, belly fat is very problematic. Actually, the entire abdominal region needs the highest level of attention, especially if there is excessive fat tissue present. Men especially might have problems here, because they tend to store more fat than women in this area.


So what are the exercises for this part of the body, for the abdominal area in general and for certain parts, such as upper and lower abdomen and love handles? Exercises for love handles are a bit more specific because they require a different starting position. We are talking about the side crunches and for this form a person should be laying on the side, which is different from the starting position for most of the other abdominal exercises that require lying on the back. From the side position, torso should be lifted as much as possible, with trying to contract only side muscles. Additionally, the upper leg should be raised for creating a more intensive exercise.

There are also some other things that should be done for this part of the abdomen. For example, aerobics is effective, especially those forms that include rotation of the torso, since they will extend the love handles and that is also needed for elimination of the fat tissue and flattening this area.

Also, cardio workout in general should be performed for elimination of the fat tissue in all parts of the body. Cardio is great because it activates many muscle groups and that definitely requires a lot of energy, which consumes fat. So, even if it might seem that jogging, for example, is not affecting the love handles, the final result definitely will.

Also, people must control what they are eating and how much they are eating, of course. Junk food and overeating must be at least reduced to a minimum. This means that eating something that people like might be done once a week even though it is not considered healthy, but not more than once a week.

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