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A Dangerous Vice

Many people are not aware of the dangeralcohol presents to our organism. Moreover, people usually thinkthat, once they have woken up from a night out drinking, they onlyneed to endure the hangover and be absolutely the same again.However, each alcohol overindulgence has its own price upon one'swell-being. The worst thing about this is that the group of peoplewho usually develop to be alcoholics start at a young age, as soon asthey are able to purchase these beverages. Then, it all starts withdrinking to meet expectations of your peers and be “cool.” However, frequent excessive drinking may cause serious damage to yourorganism and potentially lead you to development of alcoholism.

Alcohol Affecting Brain

Even though alcohol may have somebenefits when drunk in moderation two or three times a week, a“career” of frequent alcohol overindulgence will surely lead toserious health deterioration. Namely, drinking heavily will mostsurely cause an addiction on the long run. Then, terrible hangovers,eyesight damage and physical coordination issues will be just a fewof your problems. Additionally, many people have experienced gettingseriously drunk and not remembering a thing in the morning. This isdue to alcohol's capability of affecting our brain, obstructing thecommunication between our brain cells. On the long run this causesmemory problems and the possible development of dementia.

Brain and Its Exposure to Alcohol

First and foremost, upon drinkingalcohol, a person experiences poor judgment and a possible memoryloss. Additionally, it causes people to be more confident and willingto talk about things they usually avoid while sober.

Secondly, alcohol influences one'smuscles as well. Therefore, upon drinking more than you should, youwill definitely experience troubles in coordinating your muscles.Related to muscle control, alcohol causes a person to experience anincrease in his or her sex drive. However, men are often faced withalcohol induced impotence regardless of their desire for sex.

Additionally, most of us know thatalcohol drinking causes one to urinate more frequently. This is dueto this substance's interference with our kidneys, disallowing theirwater absorption. Finally, alcohol, drunk in moderate amounts makes aperson sleepy. However, after drinking heavily, one may possiblycollapse and lose consciousness, exposing him or her self to chance, and completely unable to move or take care of him or herself.

All the things above present apotential danger for an alcohol abuser. Therefore, reduce youralcohol intake and restrain yourselves from excessive drinking.

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