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What Is Alcoholism?

There are many alcoholics out there, drinking away their each day in life. However, they are completely aware of the effects of their actions. Yet, they still drink. Alcoholism therefore, is a conscious, compulsive overindulgence into drinking alcoholic beverages.

Drinking alcohol excessively causes you to lose friends, job, your physical health and money. People who are alcoholics are often deluded, thinking how alcohol cannot cause them harm. In reality, however, their alcoholism is eating them up.

Alternatively, there are people who abuse alcohol. These individuals are known to drink plenty of alcohol, while still being in control of their condition, showing no symptoms of intoxication. These people may not become dependent on alcohol, but they may continue drinking for longer periods of time, keeping this a secret.

A Deeper Analysis

Statistics show that nowadays, 100,000 people in America die due to their alcohol consumption. What is more 18 million Americans abuse alcohol on a daily basis. Also, half of the deaths caused by alcohol consumption happen in traffic, because of driving in intoxicated state.

Alcoholics, especially those who do not admit that they have a problem, keep their alcohol consumption a secret. They hide bottles around the house, knowing where to find them if their addiction strikes.

Additionally, alcoholics tend to forget things. They may not recall past conversations or may lose interest in certain actions which were a part of their lives before their addiction. When deprived of drinks, these people show aggressiveness, nervousness and apparent discomfort. Each minute of abstinence is a battle for them. If you try and deprive them of their daily dose, you are likely to face resentment, anger and, possibly, some kind of assault. Therefore, alcoholics are usually involved in legal disputes and similar processes, even with their relatives or employers.

Later on, as their addiction grows bigger, alcoholics need more beverages to feel the effect. Thus, they increase their dose and sink even deeper into their problem.

Finally, this kind of addiction is not made overnight. Once we start continually exposing our brains to alcohol, it alters the balance of brain chemicals, affecting our nervous system. Also, it interferes with our dopamine production, connecting alcohol consumption with feeling good. Thus, we create a bond between alcohol and feeling satisfied. Later on, we end up being incapable of feeling good without drinking. Thus, the addiction is born.

All in all, alcoholism is an addiction and it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

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