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What is a hangover? How and why does itmanifest itself?

Most of us have experienced theterrible feeling in the morning after a night of alcohol indulgence.Those who have felt it know how inconvenient it can be and how longit takes one to recover from a hangover, most often losing an entireday in the process. Alcohol although good in smaller amounts, whentaken recklessly and excessively causes numerous disfunctions in ourorganism making it impossible for us to function correctly until oursystem is cleansed of it. Namely, hangover is mainly a product ofdehydration caused by the alcohol's diuretic qualities. Additionally,alcohol makes our liver let go of the healthy elements it has instorage thus weakening our immunity and affecting our overall feelingof being healthy and in shape. It does not stop there since alcoholalso causes excessive sweating and vomiting, being malevolent for ourdigestive system when taken in large amounts. Finally, sleep and restare reduced when our body is overflown by alcohol since thecleansing process takes away a large quantity of our energy leavingus only with fatigue and nausea. All these factors which dorepresent entire mosaic of a bad hangover influence the feeling weget in those mornings we like not to remember. However steps can bemade which can reduce or remove some of the symtoms of “alcoholoverdose”.

How to reduce or remove symptoms of ahangover?

Eating is crucial since alcohol “kicksin” much faster on an empty stomach. Bearing that in mind, eatenough before a night out. Intake vitamin B6. It comes in pillsof 50mg; make sure you take one before one during and one after thedrinking night.

Since, as mentioned before, dehydrationis one of the main causes of hangovers, drink enough water having inmind that alcoholic drinks, although liquids, are not the same as aglass of water. A glass of water for a glass of alcoholic drink is anexcellent measure. Do not mix drinks since it is also a famous causeof hangovers. The darker your drink is, more prone to hangovers youare. In that respect, vodka is much safer to drink than brandy,whiskey and other.

What to do after you come home andduring the morning after?

The best thing is to eat somethinglight and drink a vitamin rich juice. Avoid painkillers and otherdrugs while drinking. Sleep more the next day, drink a lot of waterand avoid coffee. After eating something again and drinking some morewater or juices you may take into consideration the painkillers.

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