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Too Much of Anything Is Not a GoodThing

When we mention intoxication, the first thing that comes to our mind is poisoning due to excessive alcohol in our organism. Truly, this is the common meaning of this word and too much alcohol in your organism can poison you and have many symptoms, some more serious than the others. However, believe it or not, people can get intoxicated from excessive water consumption, even though most of our organism is made of water. Thus, once we get intoxicated by water, we might suffer from some life-threatening problems. All in all, as the title suggests, too much of anything is not a good thing, regardless of the substance you indulge in. So, read on in order to know how to realize you had enough of alcohol or water, how to notice the symptoms and how to treat this uncomfortable problem.

Reasons behind Alcohol Intoxication

Logically, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to alcohol intoxication. When we drink large quantities of alcoholic drinks, it becomes present in our blood. These amounts, through our blood vessels get to all our organs, including our brain, affecting them negatively. Moreover, alcohol affects our nervous system as well, triggering anomalies in our behavior and emotions. Therefore, using alcohol to treat depression is a bad thing, since, besides getting intoxicated in the process, you might make things worse at the same time.

Reasons behind Water Intoxication

Following the same logical pattern, too much water in our organism causes water intoxication. Once we have an abnormal intake of water, our organism's salt levels decrease and water levels increase. This causes our brain cells to absorb more water than they need and get swollen. Such situation makes us troubles with our brain functions and we start to suffer from mental imbalance. Dehydration, anti-depressants, thyroid gland dysfunctions and vomiting may all cause this problem as well.

Manifestations of Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol intoxication first affects our behavior, making us aggressive, prone to mood swings and violence. We have difficulties paying attention to things, controlling our movements as well as our speech and standing still in general, maintaining balance.

We might feel dizzy and suffer from nausea, memory loss, high blood pressure or even seizures, all due to alcohol intoxication.

Manifestations of Water Intoxication

Once we have drunk too much water, we may experience nausea, vomiting, coordination issues, dizziness and headaches. Additionally, we might suffer from muscle cramps and speech problems.

As far as babies and water intoxication are concerned, they tend to have swollen limbs and different parts of their body and become irritable and prone to crying and nervousness.

Both of the intoxication issues mentioned above can be potentially life-threatening. Therefore, whenever you notice those, more serious symptoms, you are highly advised to seek medical attention before it is too late.

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