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Quite poisonous

Many people do compare it to poison and they are quite right when it comes to alcohol, especially after consuming it on a regular basis and for a prolonged time, since it can literally turn into liquid poison that will most surely have a number of undesired ill effects both on one's body and health in general. Of course, conscious drinking is not something that will jeopardize either your life or your health significantly, but in case a person has issues with alcoholism as such, then it might be the right time to seek help, either from the person's family members and friends, or ultimately, professional help.

Sticking to internal setting

A lot of people must surely be interested in finding out how long it takes for alcohol to leave one's body completely. The right answer has to do with the amount a person has previously consumed, meaning that it can remain in ones body anywhere between one and ten to twelve hours. And this is valid and applicable to those people who drink only on certain occasions, not to regular drinkers however. In case of people who indulge in alcohol on a regular basis, the numbers are fairly different. For alcohol to leave their systems it might take days. Another important fact to point out to is that the fiery water remains in the bodies of the members of the female population much longer than in their counterparts. Therefore, such factors as sex, age and health in general are also regarded as essential when it comes to the time alcohol will remain in one's body. Given the fact that the main alcohol metabolizer is none other than our liver, the one that is completely healthy will do this at a rate of an ounce per one hour. What excessive drinking does to the liver is put additional pressure, disabling it from processing alcohol properly, the direct consequence of this being the occurrence of alcohol poisoning, since it remains stored in the person's blood and does not leave the body in due time.

In order to known what kind of attitude to take towards alcohol, it is essential to get acquainted with all the ill effects it has on our vital organs. Regarding the brain and nervous system, it contracts brain tissues, depresses the central nervous system, destroys vital brain cells, induces cognition and memory related complications. As for the heart, it contributes to the blood pressure increase, heart diseases, heart failure, and as for the kidneys, its destructive effects on both, their proper functioning and the kidneys themselves, are inevitable.

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