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I Need a Drink

Often, when we are frustrated, many ofus desire a drink to cool ourselves down and provide us with a stressrelief. However, this can be either good and bad. First of all, werarely know what leads us to drinking against stress in the firstplace since alcohol, basically, has the same effects as stress canhave.

Alcohol affects our adrenal andpituitary glands, leading to a state of nervousness, frustration andlack of concentration. In this respect, it has the same effect asstress. However, for these side-effects you need to drink a lot ofalcohol.

Actually, many people indulge intobinge drinking in order to fight stress and run away from theirproblems by running into even greater ones. However, researches showthat, if you drink in moderation, smaller amounts can actually doyour organism good and reduce your stress levels.

All in all, it is all in the dosage,type of drink and stress itself.

Alcohol and Stress

Certain studies have shown that peoplewho drink excessively often have the same symptoms as children withADHD. Moreover, their own children are likely to have the samedisorder, which is likely to evolve into stress and anxiety later intheir adult lives.

Instead of drinking for relaxation,people should indulge into sports and release their stressconstructively. Unfortunately, alcohol and exercise do not gohand-in-hand, when we talk about one's ways of stress relief.

Additionally, drinking alcoholexcessively will cause your organism to take calories from the drinksyou are having, suppressing your appetite. This, of course, is badfor your health and, in the long run, can cause many problems.

All in all, alcohol may be an efficientstress relief method at times. Still, it is never a healthy one.Therefore, you should seek alternative approaches to dealing withstress. Meditation, yoga, sports, music, hobbies and many otherthings can help you remove stress from your life. Among so manyhealthy choices, you should never pick alcohol as your cure.

Lead a healthy life in order to leadlife. We often neglect connections between our conditions and ourlifestyles. However, everything is connected and we should be awareof this fact. Then, we should realize that we have to change ourlifestyles in order to be healthy and, thereby, stress-free. Makethe positive change instead of wasting your life away with alcoholfor comfort.

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