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Facts about Underage Drinking

Surely, we have all tried somealcoholic beverage during our teen years. However, it was usuallyonly for “experimental” purposes. Today, however, the world is adifferent place and children indulge into vices far more often than,let's say, 20 years ago. This is why underage drinking has become aserious problem. Alcohol consumption of this type is threatening todestroy our entire generations who have become serious drinkers whilestill in their teenager years. This, of course, is a problem thatneeds to be solved since there are many problems which may affect anunderage drinker's life.

The Negative Effects of UnderageDrinking

First of all, we must take intoconsideration that underage drinkers are people who have their brainsstill in a developing phase. Therefore, alcohol consumption duringthis age may interfere with this development, altering it negatively.First of all, memory and concentration may be affected. Also,orientation in space and planning abilities of children may all besacrificed due to a prolonged period of alcohol consumption. What ismore, the brain is stopped from advancing physically, if an underageperson is drinking often and excessively.

Another negative aspect of drinking isthat, if this becomes one's routine before the age of 15, there arevery high chances that this individual will become an alcoholic laterin life. If we are to talk about college and alcohol consumption,these two together only give us more unwanted side-effects.

Alcohol indulgence in college has ledto numerous rape and abuse cases, as well as violence, along withnumerous other, unwanted, behavioral problems. If nothing worse, thenalcohol is one of the direct causes of low marks during collegestudies for many.

Next are injuries and accidents whenunderage people combine driving or other demanding processes whileunder the influence of alcohol. This has caused many accidents anddeaths during history, and is still a major problem nowadays.

Also, unprotected or risky sexualindulgence usually goes hand-in-hand with alcohol consumption duringteen periods. All this, combined with the potential towardsdeveloping an alcohol addiction, serves only to emphasize the dangersof underage alcohol consumption.

Finally, alcohol indulgence duringthese periods may lead to the development of depression and manyother forms of behavioral problems and personality issues. Therefore,alcohol and underage people should not go together, for the sake ofthe children and ourselves as well.

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