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Sleep or Die!

We all need our necessary sleep everynight. Optimally, this involves sleeping for 8 to 10 hours eachnight. During this period, our body regenerates completely and webecome completely revitalized and fully prepared for whatever a life has to offer to us the following day. However, researches showthat every third person on the planet tends to sleep less than 6,5hours each night. This, in the long run, can have results moreserious than walking around sleepy, drinking a lot of coffee andfeeling bothered by a constant fatigue. Our heart and cardiovascularhealth are one thing that is heavily endangered by this kind of asleep deprived lifestyle. However, this is just the beginning; thereare many other health problems which are directly connected to a lackof proper sleep some of which may even be deadly or cause serousillnesses. The following lines will explain the manifestations ofsleep deprivation upon your body, mind and overall well-being.

Negative Effects of Lack of Sleep

As it was mentioned above, sleepdeprivation triggers numerous inflammations in the cardiovasculararea, causing many other problems to take place. Namely, once we arenot sleeping enough, certain parts of our organism are not workingcorrectly the next day. If this goes on for a longer period of time,the negative effect can only be more prominent. Thus, one's arteriesmay grow harder, the person may suffer from a stroke, heart failureor an onset of some kind of a heart disease.

Additionally, sleeping influences yourblood sugar levels. When you do not sleep enough, these areimbalanced, since your body cannot produce enough insulin to achievethis harmony. Rather, the sugar levels get abnormal, the bodyproduces extra insulin and, thereby, damages the heart and otherorgans.

How to Sleep Regularly?

Since sleeping is, obviously anecessity, you need to ensure at least 8 hours of this activity eachnight. If you are experiencing troubles achieving this process, thelast thing you should do is to turn to medications. Once you starttaking sleeping pills, your body will become more and more immune tothem, making you increase the dosage, resulting in the increase ofthe negative side-effects. Also, these pills can be addictive andmake you sleepy even during the day, causing you to be a danger forothers while in car or handling other situations.

Therefore, you are to learn how torelax naturally, while avoiding coffee and TV late at night. Takea soothing bath and make sure your room is well ventilated and clean.Make sure you stimulate your body to get sleepy and provide it thenecessary sleep time. This will reflect upon your health in a verypositive way.

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